In my life, for work or love, I have often had to go from one city to another,  even at the last moment and no matter how hard I tried to organize my  handbag, and how carefully I chose what I was going to wear in the following days, invariably,  every time I opened my suitcase I realised I hadn’t brought the right perfume with me.

I would find myself waiting, looking perfect and flawless, but without THAT perfume that I so badly wanted to wear. My love of perfumes has  made me start a collection, of which I am very proud.

That  evening though I was going to attend a memorable party on the lake, and I didn’t have my “Wanderer”. The party, the location, the music, it was all  wonderful, but even though I was wearing the perfect dress, I felt naked. Walking across one of the main halls, I reached the garden of the Villa,  which in that period was blooming, the colours  and smells  of  the flowers  blended together in a perfect symphony.

There I realized that in my suitcase there was an entire wardrobe of dresses, but for that particular occasion I was completely naked. Yes of course, in the car I had two perfumes, but they weren’t the right ones,  I didn’t have with me the perfume that wraps you in a cloud of happiness and confidence, the perfume that dresses your emotions. How I would like to have opened my luggage to find my entire collection of perfumes there and be able to choose one of them as one does when getting dressed in front of the mirror.

During the journey back home I thought  about how I could avoid that feeling of discomfort, petty and irrelevant for some  people, but of some relevance for someone who loves perfumes like me.

This is how E-suitcase came about, a personal suitcase to dress my emotions while travelling, something to have constantly with me, a suitcase for someone like me, who gives space to scented emotions before anything else

Marianna Zeni